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NBA Rumors: League Planning Scenario In Which Salary Cap Could Drop Due To Situation In China

(via Fox News)

(via Fox News)

A single tweet by Daryl Morey has the NBA on its knees right now. As the NBA attempts to control the damage, relations between the league and the nation of China continue to worsen. Chinese networks are blocking the broadcasts of NBA related items and people around the community are insisting Adam Silver and the league continue to stand up against them. Through it all, the NBA stands to lose billions of dollars.

The effects are trickling down to the individual teams, too. According to Yahoo Sports Keith Smith, front-offices around the league are preparing for a significant salary-cap drop as a result of this latest scandal.

Last month, the NBA released an updated cap projection of $116 million for the 2020-21 season. That projection is nearly $7 million higher than the figure of just over $109 million for the current season.

Some are preparing for as much as a 15% drop, which would put the figure between $11.6 million and $17.4 million lower than the current projection.

Essentially, teams will have less money to spend on free-agents. No doubt, just the first of many effects of this international incident.