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NBA Rumors: LeBron Considered Signing With The Raptors This Past Summer


For a while there, most thought only the Lakers, Sixers, and Cavs had a chance to sign LeBron James.

And towards the end, those thoughts were validated with the way things turned out.

But what if I told you he was thinking about the Raptors? The team that gets so much ridicule and grief, for consistently failing in the post-season (mostly cause of James), actually might have had a chance at one point this past summer.

As hard as it is to believe, Joe Vardon of The Athletic (on the “Yahoo Sports NBA: Chris Mannix") thinks it was a very real possibility for him:

I think at one point, Toronto was kind of a dark horse there. I think there was some sniffing around on both ends.

Obviously, the Raptors didn't fall completely short, as they managed to snag Kawhi Leonard away from the Spurs. And as risky as the move was, if LeBron thought highly enough of the franchise to at least consider them, it has got to mean that Kawhi bodes at least a small chance of staying, right?

Whatever the case, something really special is going on in Toronto. Even if the rest of us have trouble seeing it, they had the attention of LeBron James... even if just for a moment.

That's something not a lot of other franchises can say.