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NBA Rumors: LeBron James Has Told Magic Johnson He Wants To Be Traded To The Knicks

LeBron James

In a rather shocking turn of events, could LeBron James be headed to The Big Apple this summer?

LeBron's frustration with the Lakers this season has been duly noted since their problems first surfaced upon James' return to the lineup in January. A lethargic aura around the team, miscommunications on both ends of the floor, a lack of depth, and the Anthony Davis trade saga have all amounted to a miserable season in Los Angeles.

Throughout the season, James had had trouble hiding his disgust. He was caught, on multiple occasions, rolling his eyes at teammates and giving up on certain plays. He even called out his guys publicly, calling into question their mindset and focus.

Those feelings, the failure, it is all too much for James to bear, at least at this stage of his career. Which is why he allegedly told Magic Johnson he wanted to be traded to New York, in a report by an anonymous Fadeaway World source:

"Sources are telling me LeBron camp informed Magic Johnson and Lakers that he would prefer a trade to New York. The Lakers are not in the position he thought they were, and likely has knowledge of who else might be coming to the Knicks next season. Though, any trade decision will have to be made by Magic and Rob, as they ultimately have control thanks to the 4-year contract they sighed with James last summer."

One proposed trade is LeBron James for picks, Kevin Knox, Emmanuel Mudiay, and Mario Hezonja, a decent enough return for L.A. if they want to embrace the youth movement while giving LeBron what he wants.

Or, they could just not trade him at all because everything about the "report" mentioned above is fake. That's right, it was all a lie. LeBron has not requested a trade, at least, not yet. While there is no telling where the Lakers go from here, James is not going anywhere for now, and certainly not to New York.

April Fools! You can breathe now, Lakers fans!