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NBA Rumors: LeBron James Would 'Never' Join The Clippers

LeBron James

With things getting dicey for the Purple and Gold, the possibility of LeBron James leaving the organization seems higher than it ever has before.

In such a scenario, the 4x Champion would have his pick of the crop -- but would the Clippers be in play?

According to ESPN's Zach Lowe, the answer is no. James has absolutely no desire to join L.A.'s "other" team.

“I actually have floated this to some people who might know, would LeBron ever go to the Clippers?” ESPN’s Zach Lowe said on The Lowe Podcast, per Jonathan Adams of “And the answer was, ‘hard no, hard no.'”

The Clippers have a long history of mediocrity in the league, but that all changed with the arrival of Chris Paul in 2011. As a superstar guard in his prime, he led the way as the organization began building a team to compete.

Eventually, with CP3, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and others, they were a force to be feared in the NBA.

And when that trio disbanded, team owner Steve Ballmer built a new core on the backs of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. They have become a hot destination among players and have more fans than ever before.

"Clippers Nation the heart, it truly LA," said Reggie Jackson. "No shots at them over there, but they're the lights. They're the bright lights, they're Hollywood. They're the show, but I feel like we're definitely the heart of the city. We're here for the people. It's always no shots, but I feel like me not being from Los Angeles. I feel like the Lakers are what you come to LA for. The appeal, the lights, it's amazing. Once you come to LA...Palmdale, IE, throughout LA, I feel like this organization embodies LA."

Today, despite missing both of their stars this season, the Clippers look poised to be relevant for years to come as their "big brother" struggles to get a grip.

Yet, still, none of it is enough to lure LeBron James, who is running out of time to chase one last Championship. It really makes you wonder how many other stars feel that way, and if there's anything more the Clippers can do to sell themselves to the NBA world.

Maybe one day, we'll find out.