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NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Want Trevor Ariza

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Trevor Ariza Has Become The Most Traded Player In NBA History After Move To Oklahoma City

Trevor Ariza has been a journeyman wing for almost an eternity now. Ariza's been on a lot of playoff teams, imparting his wisdom on every roster that he has been on. Ariza shot 37.2% from 3PT range last season, a good mark for a veteran of his age. That shooting would be of value to any team trying to compete for a championship: Ariza could enter in a small role off the bench while being a steadying voice in the locker room. Ariza has previously won the NBA title with the Lakers in 2009; he is a proven champion and can sacrifice to win it all next to a superstar like Kobe Bryant.

Ariza recently ended up on the Oklahoma City Thunder as a result of a three-team trade with the Pistons and the Dallas Mavericks. As a veteran, he likely wants to spend his last NBA days competing for a championship, rather than playing for a rebuilding team. The possibility of him leaving could open up via buyout from Oklahoma City. If that were to happen, Ariza would be free to go wherever he pleases.

Legion Hoops reported that a destination post buyout could materialize with the Lakers. While it is possible that the Thunder may hold on to Ariza, they could cut him to free up salary space. Perhaps they could do it out of respect for the former champion, and the OKC Thunder management has developed a reputation for trying to do right by their players. If Ariza were to request a buyout, the Thunder could try to find a way to make that happen. If they do, the Los Angeles Lakers will be waiting.