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NBA Rumors: Luke Walton Will Not Be Fired Before The End Of The Season

Luke Walton

After the Lakers' latest loss to Atlanta, the NBA community was holding their breath for news of Luke Walton's job.

In the midst of a seriously rough stretch of basketball, (one that currently has the team sitting 10th in the West) in which they've won only 3 of their last 11 games, the team has looked lethargic and uninspired. A large part of that may be the rampant trade rumors, which has everyone on the team wondering if they'll be in Lakers jerseys past the season. Another part could just be damaged team chemistry and a group of guys that don't really work together like they should.

Bottom line is, the team needs some change. People have been quick to claim Luke should be the agent of that change... but it seems the Lakers aren't in a hurry to make that move.

(via Broderick Turner of the L.A. Times):

"Nothing is going to happen with Luke. There hasn't even been any talk about it and there won't be any talks about it. Luke will definitely finish the season and he has the full support. So any talk in the media or on social media can be put to bed about Luke. He's not going anywhere. There has been no conversation about it."

It seems the Lakers are content, at least for now, about the status of Walton. They seem either confident in the ability of their team to pull things together, don't see Luke as any kind of problem or are choosing to stay loyal to their guys until at least the end of the season... knowing it's likely too late to change a whole lot now anyway.

Whatever the case, nobody should be expecting any major coaching change in L.A. this season. When the summer comes, though, all bets are off.