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NBA Rumors: Magic Hoping He Can Convince Kevin Durant Or Kawhi Leonard To Join The Lakers

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Yeah, the Lakers got the ultimate prize this past summer with the acquisition of LeBron James. Even so, they are going to need more than just him if they wish to hold the Larry O'Brien trophy within the next couple of years. Magic Johnson, the Lakers' President and de-facto leader, knows it.

His search for a second star has two names on the list -- two names that also happen to be the biggest fish on the market. ESPN's Brian Windhorst broke it all down on ESPN L.A.

"I've been told Magic wants a chance this summer to convince KD or Kawhi to come to the Lakers, so it seems very unlikely they trade for an All-Star this season... unless Anthony Davis were to become available."

The strategy for Magic seems to be focusing on the summer, where Kawhi and KD will be waiting, rather than make a move via trade for a Bradley Beal or second-tier star type of guy.

It's a smart move, but also a risky one. If the Lakers chose to hold their cards, they risk striking out entirely on upcoming free agents. There won't be a summer this stacked with stars for a while.

The idea is to hopefully convince either Durant or Kawhi to come team up with LeBron. And while it is a long-shot, so was the thought of signing LeBron before he made his decision last summer. Despite all of the drawbacks, the team has a lot to work with. The bright lights, a chance to win, and the charisma of Magic Johnson himself might give the Lakeshow an unexpected edge in July.