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NBA Rumors: Magic Johnson Told Luke Walton To 'Shut The F--- Up' During Infamous October 30 Meeting

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

The Lakers' season started much like how it began: in a dramatic, finger-pointing fashion. Following Magic Johnson's polarizing resignation on Tuesday, many are doing their best to find the root of the problem. So far, much remains hidden in the dark, but we know (at the very least) there were chemistry issues with Magic and the rest of the staff from the very beginning.

Back in October, Magic made the headlines for a supposed meeting with Luke Walton in which they had a 'heated' discussion. That discussion was even more heated than we thought, with the then Laker President even telling Walton to 'shut the f--- up' at one point, in a report by The Athletic's Sam Amick.

It sounds as if there was always a disconnect between Walton and Magic. It is likely why Johnson was looking to fire him as early as Wednesday morning. In fact, he probably would have been gone earlier if it wasn't for the actions of Jeanie Buss, who would not let Walton be let go.

These instances, along with the nonchalant attitude of the players (who were partying in L.A. last night), the reported failure of the front office to stay on the same page regarding their future, and the poor play of the team all season long all point to a deeper problem for the Lakers.

If they really want to secure another superstar this summer, they will have to find a solution to their troubles. But, with how things currently stand, it seems all but impossible to get the ship sailing in the right direction in a matter of a couple of months.