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NBA Rumors: Markieff Morris Wants To Play For The 76ers

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Markieff Morris is a solid defensive-minded forward who has some ability to space the floor. He had a solid time with the Miami Heat prior to his season being derailed by injury. Last season, Markieff Morris averaged 7.6 PPG, 2.6 RPG, and 1.4 APG, while shooting 33.3% from beyond the arc.

As of right now, Markieff Morris is an unsigned free agent. It seems as though he has a preference as to where he wants to end up next. Jason Dumas of Bleacher Report revealed that Morris wants to play for the Philadelphia 76ers, noting that he grew up in North Philadelphia.

Source: Markieff’s preference is to play for the Philadelphia 76ers. Markieff grew up in North Philadelphia and won a Philly Public League & two PA State Titles at Prep Charter. The Sixers are still weighing their options but have given this a thought.

There is no doubt that Markieff Morris could be a valuable player for the Philadelphia 76ers coming off the bench. He can defend fairly well, and perhaps playing with a playmaker like James Harden in the future would get him more open shots, allowing him to improve his 3PT percentage. If they can get him on a minimum contract, the 76ers should absolutely explore that possibility.

The Philadelphia 76ers should be looking to be contenders next season. With Joel Embiid, James Harden, and Tyrese Maxey at the helm, they should be a powerful team in the Eastern Conference. James Harden could potentially have a bounce-back year, and he revealed that he was having hamstring issues the past two seasons. It remains to be seen how well the Philadelphia 76ers do and what other moves they make, but perhaps we'll see them finally get to the Finals during Joel Embiid's tenure and maybe even win a championship.