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NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Could Sign John Wall If He Gets Bought Out By The Rockets

NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Could Sign John Wall If He Gets Bought Out By The Rockets

There was a time when John Wall was counted as one of the most elite point guards in the league. Due to injuries, his career derailed, and he is yet to return to the same level of form that he was in before getting injured. 

Well, most thought when he was traded to the Houston Rockets, it might be the beginning of a new chapter for the veteran guard. His stint with the Rockets has been anything but good. 

Soon after Wall's arrival in Houston, James Harden forced his way out of the organization and joined the Brooklyn Nets. It left Wall in a situation where he was stuck in a franchise that is destined to go through a rebuild for the next few years.

One might think that Wall would at least play and give it a shot to help the Rockets through this tough situation. No, that is not the case. The former first overall pick has decided to sit out the entire year, per many reports. This has forced the Rockets to look for a trade for the unsettled star.

However, it is hard to trade him easily as Wall is set to make almost the same amount of money in the next two years that Michael Jordan made in his entire career. According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Heat are interested in getting Wall, if Wall and the Rockets reach the middle ground and facilitate a buyout.

Via Miami Herald:

"Though the Heat would have interest in adding point guard John Wall if he’s bought out by Houston, ESPN said that’s not happening because Wall doesn’t want to give up his $47.4 million player option next season, let alone his $44.3 million salary this season," Jackson noted down.

Despite the obvious issues, Wall is still a decent enough player. On any given night, he can give the team 20 points, which is something the Miami Heat could use.

Although the Heat have Kyle Lowry as their primary guard, he is 35-years-old and compared to him Wall has at least a few more years in his tank.

But again, it all depends on whether the Rockets can convince John Wall to consider a buyout or not. As things stand right, the Rockets and the 31-year-old are in a stalemate.