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NBA Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks Should Trade For Bradley Beal, Says Max Kellerman

NBA Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks Should Trade For Bradley Beal, Says Max Kellerman

Amid a terrible start, the Washington Wizards are quickly losing hope of salvaging the season. With a lot of concerning losses, and a 3-10 record, things have gotten so bad, NBA Twitter has started a movement to "free" Bradley Beal from the franchise.

No indication has been made yet on when, or if, the Wizards plan on making moves, but the whole situation has prompted countless trade rumors, and the Bucks have been squarely in the middle of it.

In a segment on First Take, ESPN's Max Kellerman explained why Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks should step up with an offer.

“The Bucks, that’s the team that needs him the most to put them over the top. I say this religiously. Stephen A, your assessment on Giannis several years ago, in the playoffs he’s gonna play big, was right on the money… But we can’t really judge him based on the way we judge the perimeter players.

If you’re a great big and you want to win a championship, better have a great non-big, who’s just as good more or less on that level. Like Hakeem did because Jordan was out of the league, so he was going against Patrick Ewing with no help or Shaq, who had Penny but did not have Kobe or Wade.

Jrue Holiday is excellent, that’s not him. AD had Holiday, didn’t do anything. So is Middleton, and he’s not what I’m talking about. Bradley Beal qualifies particularly when you see what he can do this season when the handcuffs are off when he’s getting a lot of touches, if he’s not it, he’s the next thing to it, is what the Bucks need to put them over the top.”

The Bucks are an excellent regular-season team, as their record over the past couple of years demonstrates. With Giannis, Holiday, and a solid supporting cast around them, that shouldn't change this year.

But if the Bucks ever want to break through and win big in the playoffs, they might need to bring in another All-NBA level talent.

Beal isn't a top-10 player, but his skill set as a shooter and scorer would pair beautifully alongside Antetokounmpo's interior attack and defensive prowess. Regardless, the Freak needs that sidekick every generational great has had.

Beal can be that guy -- if only the Wizards will consider parting with him...