NBA Rumors: New York Knicks Could Target DeMar DeRozan In Free Agency


The New York Knicks have had a great 2020-21 season. Despite their elimination in the first round of the playoffs, the season can be deemed successful since they've ended their playoff drought. This offseason will give the team a chance to build on their season, and potentially make some roster additions that will allow them to be more competitive in the playoffs.

One of the names that the New York Knicks could potentially target in free agency is DeMar DeRozan. Ian Begley of SNY reported that there are "some free agency scenarios" where the Knicks could take an interest in DeRozan. DeRozan had a productive season with the San Antonio Spurs this season, averaging 21.6 PPG, 4.2 RPG, and 6.9 APG. He is one of the best shot creators in the league within the midrange area, and his improved playmaking means that he could potentially play a point-forward role. 

With that in mind, DeMar DeRozan and Spencer Dinwiddie are two players on the Knicks’ radar in at least some of their free agency scenarios, per SNY sources.

Both players are unrestricted free agents.

While the New York Knicks were a good defensive team, one of the problems that they faced in the playoffs was the lack of consistent offense from others when Atlanta's defense keyed in on Julius Randle. Even with Derrick Rose having some great scoring games, the team couldn't keep up with the Atlanta Hawks. DeMar DeRozan could certainly help with scoring, and he can take on some of the facilitating duties on the roster. 

While the New York Knicks could potentially make a big splash in free agency, and it's clear they're going to need some more star power if they want to get further in the playoffs. DeMar DeRozan would be a solid fit on this team, and it seems as though there is a possibility that the Knicks will chase him in free agency if the right scenario happens.