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NBA Rumors: Nobody Wants Chris Paul

(via TBN Media)

(via TBN Media)

As Daryl Morey aggressively tries to move CP3, he is quickly finding that task to be impossible. At 34-years-old, and due to make $158 million over the next four years, Chris Paul is probably on the worst contract in the NBA. As The Athletic's Shams Charania pointed out on CBS Sports, there just isn't a team in the league willing to take that on right now.

"There's not a team in the league right now that is [willing] to trade for Chris Paul. Even teams that they've called as just a dump, like 'We'll give you Chris Paul for free,' those teams are like 'No, we're good.'"

It is a deteriorating relationship between Paul and Harden that prompted the trade talks for Houston. Reports about how the two guards have been treating each other this past season have made it clear they cannot co-exist.

Unfortunately, they are stuck with the pieces they have, including Paul. Unless they can iron out their differences, there might be more rough times ahead for the Rockets. In two seasons together, CP3 and James were among the best teams in the regular season, and were undoubtedly the Warriors' biggest threat in the West, pushing them to 7 games back in the 2018 Western Conference Finals.

Things spiraled downward this past season, and although they were able to rebound from an abysmal start, things were never the same. It is fair to say this is one experiment that has failed -- and not even after three full seasons together.