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NBA Rumors: Nobody Wants To Join LeBron For Space Jam 2 Movie

Space Jam

LeBron James is coming off what many are calling his worst season in the past 10 years. True the numbers are there, but the Lakers failed to reach the postseason after months of turmoil, much of which stemmed from James' behavior towards his young L.A. teammates.

This summer, all could change with just one big free agent signing. Unfortunately for LeBron and the Lakers, folks appear to be turned off to the idea of playing Robin to a 34-year-old King.

In fact, the Laker star is even having trouble getting his colleagues on the set of Space Jam 2, the next installment of the infamous 1996 movie.

James' involvement in the project has long been known and may have even been one of the reasons he came to L.A.

But with his reputation in the bunker, and the offseason looking bleak, it appears the superstar is having a tough time getting anyone on his side, both on and off the court.

No doubt, despite the mileage LeBron has already racked up, he has a lot to prove going into the 2019/20 campaign. He will have to show the world that he is still capable of leading a team to the top in a stable and positive environment. In case you have not guessed that is a whole lot harder than it sounds.