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NBA Rumors: Pelicans Want Zion Williamson

Zion WIlliamson

The Pelicans are facing a summer of transition, having to move on from Anthony Davis to start their next rebuilding phase. As they look at the market ahead of them, they will have a number of different directions from which to choose.

They could replace Davis with another established star, with hopes that the star would want to stay long-term and help the franchise rebuild. They can also go the young route, and choose to stock up on picks or young players in hopes of landing one or several young studs.

The latter option comes with the chance of landing Zion Williamson, a player that the Pelicans have coveted all season long.

(via Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News)

“It’s typical Knicks that the year they finally really know how to tank is the year that the NBA changes the lottery rules so it’s not so advantageous to be the worst team in the league. But I think they would love to have him,” Bondy said when asked if the Knicks are banking on Williamson.

“The interesting debate is, if they did get that No. 1 pick, and if they did bring Durant in, would they then trade Zion Williamson for Anthony Davis, because certainly New Orleans would love that trade. So that would be the interesting question if they do get the No. 1 pick and find out that Kevin Durant was coming to New York.”

This is obviously a "best case scenario" type of thing for the Knicks, but the underlying truth remains: New Orleans would love Zion Williamson.

Meaning whatever team that gets him (New York or some other franchise), will have a significant advantage in the Davis trade talks, assuming they would be open to shipping away the Duke star. This puts other lottery contending teams like the Lakers, Cavs, and Hawks in possible contention for Williamson if they end up with a top pick in this summer's draft.