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NBA Rumors: Person Close To Kemba Walker Has Doubts About His Desire To Live In L.A.

NBA Rumors: Person Close To Kemba Walker Has Doubts About His Desire To Live In L.A.

The Los Angeles Lakers finally landed their desired star, Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday, sending Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram, and 3 first-round picks in exchange. After pulling off the move, the Californians can start planning what they are going to do next and which player is going to be their next acquisition.

With Davis finally in L.A., the team has started to work on assembling the best core they can have around the two superstars and rumors indicate they have found their third star ahead of next season. According to Marc Stein, Kemba Walker would be the third piece of their triumvirate alongside James and Davis, but the point guard might not be so sure about joining the Purple and Gold this offseason.

However, Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer, informed that a person close to Walker has doubts about the Charlotte Hornets All-Star’s desire to live in Los Angeles:

“Someone who knows Kemba well has told me repeatedly he doubts Kemba would find living in Los Angeles particularly appealing. I’m sure this person has good cause to surmise that, but I still think the Lakers are now a huge threat to convince Kemba to sign there.”

As Kemba himself stated in prior days, he’s making Charlotte his priority, but doesn’t close any doors for other potential suitors. He became an All-NBA player for the first time in his career this season and now is eligible to sign a $221 million deal over five years, while other franchises, like the Lakers, can only offer him $140 million over four years.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t look like a problem for the Lakers, who have made Walker their top target after finally getting AD. If Los Angeles pull off this move, that would make them an instant contender, but with Walker hesitating about his immediate future, at least in L.A., things wouldn’t be so fluid for the UConn product.

Still, the Lakers have set their sights on Kemba and we just learned with Anthony Davis what can happen and what they can do when they decide to go after a player.

Through eight years in Charlotte, Kemba has only made it to the playoffs in two occasions and maybe the chance the Lakers offer him to pair up with two of the best ballers in the world and take this team to the next stage can make him change his mind.