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NBA Rumors: Rival Teams Are “Keeping An Eye” On If The Pistons Will Send Jerami Grant To Blazers For The No. 7 Overall Pick

Jerami Grant

After another wildly disappointing season, the Portland Trail Blazers are considering all options to improve their roster and maximize Damian Lillard's prime.

Their next move, according to rumors, could involve Detroit's Jerami Grant. According to a report from HoopsHype's Michael Scotto, rival executives are keeping an eye on the situation and if Grant ends up in a Portland jersey by the end of the offseason.

[Dyson] Daniels’ rise up draft boards this close to the draft is reminiscent of his fellow countryman, Josh Giddey. The Australian guard has worked out for the Kings, Pistons, Pacers, Blazers, Pelicans, Spurs, Wizards, and Knicks.

Portland is a team to watch for a major trade on draft night involving this pick and whichever prospect is selected.

The Blazers are in the middle of a major shift. While the organization remains committed to building around Lillard, they have to start from scratch again after trading away CJ McCollum, Norman Powell, and Robert Covington at the deadline.

Grant is just one of several targets for Portland, but it's a name that has come up a lot in connection to them.

"Givony reported it, and you did as well, that the Blazers were one of the teams persistent in trying to get Grant. I don’t think at the time they had the assets Troy Weaver was looking for to trade Grant. He’s somebody they like and a good player. Troy had all the leverage. He doesn’t have to trade Grant." (per Scotto).

"Portland’s going to find itself in an interesting situation where they could have a high draft pick coming up… Maybe if it’s high enough, it’s an offer the Pistons can’t refuse. If Jerami gets traded anywhere this offseason, it’s going to be Portland. It feels like Portland is still the front-runner."

Grant's size, athleticism, and two-way game have made him a coveted asset in the NBA community. He's the type of player that can fit in on almost any team in the league.

In Portland, he'll have the chance to win big with Dame and Nurkic in the lineup. Either way, teams will be after him this summer, and Portland's next move could determine where he ultimately ends up.