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NBA Rumors: Some Free Agents Have Reportedly Agreed To Contracts With Teams For Next Season

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The NBA is already looking for the start date of the 2020/21 season, with December looking like the favorite month to restart everything. The league would make some changes, including a 72-game calendar without the All-Star weekend to try to bring things back to normal. Yet, this may be a problem for the teams that will have to maneuver to get players signed, coaches and put together a camp before the league starts.

This won't be easy and the discontent is getting bigger around the NBA community. Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports recently revealed that some teams and players are desperate to know the timeline of free agency, training camp and more to be 100% sure about their next steps.

Some of these people actually claimed that some free agents already agreed with their next teams and only wait until the free market arrives to announce their decision.

Moreover, coaches will have a difficult time trying to polish their figures and assemble their desired team under these circusmtances.

The league has a short period to put the 2020/21 season together and make it work as they did with the bubble in Orlando. However, not everybody is high on this give the short time they'll have to prepare for the next season.