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NBA Rumors: Steph Curry Hand Injury Worse Than Originally Thought, Could Miss Rest Of Season



Things have gone from bad to worse for the Warriors who, after losing several key players in the summer, have been ravaged by injuries to start the season.

Today, they were given another dose of misfortune after finding out the injury to Steph Curry (initial recovery time of 3-months) may be worse than originally thought. He also reported that Curry was unlikely to return this season at all.

(via Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher)

Curry doesn't have to worry about that misery now. He is expected to miss three months, which is longer than the standard six weeks for a broken bone, and the surgeon discovered the injury to be worse than initially thought, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Curry is unlikely to play again this season, the source said, not because he would be physically unable but because there probably wouldn't be a competitive reason to put him out there again. 

After initially suggesting that the missed time would be entirely a result of the injury, the Warriors called the report "complete hogwash" and that Curry will be re-evaluated in three months after undergoing surgery last Friday. Bucher has since updated his report saying he meant Curry would not play for "competitive reasons."

Regardless of the reasoning, the consensus seems to be the Curry stands a good chance at missing this entire season. He won't be missing much.

With most of the roster down and out, the lineup is composed of mostly role-players and rookies. they have a 2-6 record on the season so far. As for Curry, he will continue to rest and heal until he can return with a team capable of winning some games.