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NBA Rumors: Steph Curry is The Main Reason Why Giannis Antetokounmpo Might Sign With The Warriors

(via Complex)

(via Complex)

There have been a lot of rumors about Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Golden State Warriors. With just a season left to go until he can become an NBA free-agent, the Warriors seem like one of the most plausible destinations for the young superstar.

But why is he drawn there so much? Draymond can be rather difficult to get along with, Klay Thompson is facing some serious questions about his health, and their dominant run recently came to an end during these past Finals.

The answer is in 2x Finals MVP, Steph Curry.

(via Anthony Slater of The Athletic)

"If Giannis hits the market next summer, he will be 26. Curry — a friendly acquaintance, considered by those in the know as the dominant reason Giannis’ eyes would even tilt in the Warriors’ direction — will be 33. Thompson, currently in the late stages of his ACL rehab, and Green, showing early signs of a physical decline, will both be 31."

As the greatest shooter in league history, Steph Curry still has plenty of years left dominating the NBA. He's just 32 and is expected to return to MVP form next season.

Of course, he's also got the reputation of being a good leader and teammate. He's revered by his peers and has found a lot of success leading the Warriors these past few years.

With Giannis, not only will their games mix very well, but Curry can be like a friend and brother to him. Needless to say, there are plenty of reasons for Giannis to consider the Warriors Whether or not it will be enough to actually get him there, though, is another matter entirely.