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NBA Rumors: The Reason Why The Nets Did Not Trade Spencer Dinwiddie

ΝΒΑ Rumors- Spencer Dinwiddie Could Join Lakers Or Clippers In 2021 Offseason

In Durant and Irving’s inaugural season, the Brooklyn Nets made sure to surround them with plenty of talent.

By season’s end, those two were surrounded by James Harden, Joe Harris, and Blake Griffin, to name a few.

Spencer Dinwiddie, before his ACL injury, was supposed to be one of their core members as well.

Instead, he eventually became a bargaining chip in the franchise’s pursuit of something more:

(Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report)

Sources tell B/R part of the reasoning for Brooklyn keeping Spencer Dinwiddie past the trade deadline was the Nets’ ability to sign-and-trade their combo guard for another piece in their star-studded rotation. Dinwiddie could also return to the Nets.

Dinwiddie has been thrown into a number of trade rumors over the past few weeks, and now we know why.

By all accounts, Spencer isn’t a part of their future, and we can expect him to be wearing a different jersey by next season.

The question is, where will he end up? As a solid, versatile, two-way swing man, he’d be a major asset to any team in the association.

At this point, we’ll just have to wait and see for ourselves what the future has in store.