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NBA Rumors: There Are Three Names On The Lakers Trade List


We're starting to hear whispers that the Lakers are seeking to make some changes to their roster.

Most notably, they're looking to add Trevor Ariza, who's on the verge of being sent packing from Phoenix. Unfortunately, it probably won't be to the Lakers, as the Suns seem intent on getting back a young player in return.

He's no the team's only option though, as Sean Denevey of Sporting News first reported.

"ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Lakers would like to pluck small forward Trevor Ariza, who played 106 combined games for Los Angeles in 2008 and 2009, from the Suns. Ariza may be the top option, but there are other possible targets," writes Denevey.

"Among them, a source told Sporting News, is another former Laker — Heat guard Wayne Ellington, a 3-point specialist who would help LA’s struggles from the 3-point arc. Ellington is on a one-year deal with the Heat, and he has the right to veto a trade."

"Another target is Magic forward Terrence Ross, but with the 27-year-old averaging 14.1 points on a career-best 56.8 true shooting percentage, his value might be out of the Lakers’ range."

The Lakers clearly have one objective in mind: shooting.

Not only is the three-ball vital to today's game, but it's also the element that compliments LeBron's game perfectly. When James drives to the rim, he likes to dish it out for a three-pointer.

So far, the team has been rather limited in that regard. But with the acquisition of either Ellington, Ross, or Ariza, it'd be a good start to turn that around. It'll just depend on how much the Lakers are willing to give up to do it.