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NBA Rumors: Top 5 Best Destinations For Andre Iguodala

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Fadeaway World

Andre Iguodala has been one of the most consistent pieces during the Warriors dynasty. After joining the Warriors, he managed to capture 3 NBA championships and even a Finals MVP Award for his clutch baskets and defensive performance against LeBron James.

Iggy showcased an ability to play both the small forward and power forward position, and be the main reason the Warriors were able to go small in a "death lineup".

A few years later, and he is now looking for a new NBA home. The Warriors decided to trade him to make room for D'Angelo Russell and Iggy is looking for a way out of Memphis.

With a potential lack of quality deals around the league, perhaps a buyout is the best option for both parties. As a result, here are the potential landing spots for Andre Iguodala.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers have two excellent swingmen in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, and adding a third one would greatly help their cause in defending rivals such as LeBron James.

In fact, Iguodala won the Finals MVP mainly for preventing LeBron from running riot on the entire Warrior's roster. While a testament to LeBron's greatness, it also indicates how Iggy can be a major piece to a title contender like the Clippers.

Few players defend the wing better, and he would give Kawhi and George breathers during the course of the season by defending other great players.

Iggy also fits seamlessly in the LA market and seems to love playing there. If Iggy wants a shot at a title again, he needs to make this happen.

Los Angeles Lakers

On the other end, another potential destination is with the Lakers. Iggy would be the main man on perimeter defense and could prove to be a vital cog in the Laker's tough-minded defensive schemes.

The Lakers have quality defenders in Green and Bradley, and Iggy would give them a monster 3-man rotation on the wing. Not to mention, LeBron does has one less defender to worry about (if he even worries at all).

Iguodala should consider the Lakers if the Clippers situation doesn't work out. At the very least, playing with AD and LeBron would give him plenty of opportunities to showcase his offensive game that has been dormant for a while.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics are still a factor in the East, thanks to their offense. However, they need a lot of help on defense. Both Kanter and Walker, their two major acquisitions, are not very adept at defending the better players in the league. The Celtics look undermanned on defense, without much tenacity and leadership.

Andre Iguodala can immediately correct these issues, and provide veteran leadership in the process. Iggy can replace Horford as the defensive anchor, and also provide championship experience that Kyrie Irving had. In fact, Iguodala would easily become the best winner on the Celtics with plenty of Playoff experience.

The Celtics should aim to grab Iggy, who would certainly welcome a new challenge in a new market.

Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers are becoming a popular team for many players, thanks to their potential dominance of the weak Eastern Conference. If Iggy wants a chance at trying his luck back in the West, he should rejoin his old team.

Andre Iguodala had his best years in a Sixers jersey, although the team was extremely weak and he has no help at all. He will now have the chance to play alongside Embiid and Simmons and aim to provide the edge needed to put them over the top.

Iguodala is one of the best defenders on the wing and will provide the leadership and experience that the Sixers need. They are not short on talent, and Iggy would give the extra intangibles needed for a championship squad.

Toronto Raptors

The Raptors are entering this season hungry. Even after losing Kawhi Leonard, they want to remain one of the best teams in the East. They still have Gasol, Siakam, and Lowry - and grabbing Iggy would at least replace Leonard's defense as much as possible.

Iggy can defend four positions very well, thanks to his strong upper body and remaining athleticism as he enters his late 30's. Iggy would give the Sixers another defensive option that would give them a clear edge over the Milwaukee Bucks in the East.

Not to mention, he might be the man tasked at slowing down reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounpo. Iggy's championship experience would give the Sixers an invaluable advantage over the Eastern Conference, and make them a greater threat for the NBA Championship.


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