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NBA Rumors: Zach Randolph Could Be A Laker Before Season's End

Zach Randolph

After their latest loss to an Anthony Davis-less Pelicans team, the Lakers are losing ground on the tight 2019 playoff race.

As a result, the rumors surrounding their final open roster spot have only heated up. Carmelo Anthony has been the name most associated with the spot, as his connection to the Lakers has been documented for some time. But in light of recent sightings, there have been rumblings of another name that could be on his way to Los Angeles.

(via LeBron Wire)

Everyone is wondering what the Los Angeles Lakers will do with their open 15th roster spot. Reports suggest that they’re hoping for the New York Knicks to release DeAndre Jordan, but as the clock dwindles with those hopes, the Lakers will likely have to get real with the market around them.

And it’s with this in mind that we bring you the latest Lakers 15th man rumor courtesy of Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, who was tipped off that veteran NBA big man Zach Randolph was spotted working out in Los Angeles while wearing Lakers sweats.

Apparently, Randolph was spotted in a Los Angeles gym wearing Lakers sweats. Considering he has no previous connection to the Lakers, it wouldn't make a lot of sense for him to wear their gear unless he recently got signed.

Randolph also has an excellent reputation around the league as a positive locker room influence, and would definitely help a very weak Lakers frontcourt.