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NBA Scout On Andre Drummond: “He Can Get You 30-20 And Have No Impact On The Game.”

(via EssentiallySports)

(via EssentiallySports)

Andre Drummond is widely considered to be the best rebounder in the NBA. Andre Drummond has led the league four times in rebounding and is a player who can provide some scoring on top of his defensive value with his rebounding. Andre Drummond is widely considered a fairly good center.

However, there have been questions about Drummond's overall impact on the game. Doug Smith, a Toronto Raptors reporter, has relayed an NBA scout's words about Andre Drummond. The scout seems to categorize Drummond as a player who can get big stats but not actually impact winning games.

Andre Drummond has been on l0sing teams for a lot of his career while putting up monster rebounding stats. He's been to the playoffs but hasn't gotten deep into the postseason. While Drummond may not be a number one option who can carry a team to the playoffs, it seems unfair to say that Drummond's stat lines have no impact on the game. Andre Drummond would be perfect in a role where his job is to focus on doing a lot of defensive work while being a supporting player on the offensive end.

Andre Drummond may not have won anything yet, but he's an elite rebounder and a solid defender. Hopefully, he can get traded to a team where he can show his worth, and possibly go far into the playoffs.