NBA Scout Says 76ers Should Keep Ben Simmons And Sign Kyle Lowry

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There is a wide consensus that Ben Simmons just had a terrible playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that Ben Simmons is an overall bad player or should be traded. Young players can improve, and there is potential for that from Ben Simmons this season.

Some people are certainly keen on keeping Ben Simmons on the Philadelphia 76ers. His defense and playmaking are a key reason for their great regular season record every season. An article from Marc Narducci of The Philadelphia Inquirer has relayed the words of an NBA Scout, who suggests that the 76ers should keep Simmons, while signing one of their free agency targets in Kyle Lowry.

“I would be damned to give up on him and not get superior talent back,” the scout said.

The scout conceded that Simmons will have to not only want to come back, but have the ability to play through any criticism.

“It depends on how emotionally tough he is,” the scout said. “If he is going to get beat up and booed when he touches the ball, how will he handle that? But you look at him and he is a triple-double machine.”

The scout says what many others have suggested, that Simmons’ best position isn’t point guard.

“To me Ben is a point forward and you can run offense through him,” he said. “I don’t like him as a primary ball handler, but he is a big wing who can make plays and run the pick and roll.”

The scout said that the ideal person to run the Sixers offense is Kyle Lowry, who made $30.5 million for Toronto last season and will be entering free agency.

There is no question that Simmons is a talented basketball player who at the very least deserves a chance to redeem himself. The addition of Kyle Lowry would certainly help the 76ers offense as well. Hopefully, Ben Simmons will wind up with the right franchise for him, and perhaps it could be the 76ers.