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NBA Shares Amazing Photo Of NBA's Top 50 And NBA's Top 75: "To Another 25 Years!"

NBA Shares Amazing Photo Of NBA's Top 50 And NBA's Top 75: "To Another 25 Years!"

The NBA is celebrating its 75th anniversary this season, paying homage to those who made the league what it is today. They've come a long way to become what they are right now, always appreciating those stars that made a big contribution to the association. 

Last weekend, the league celebrated the 75th anniversary at the 2022 All-Star Game hosted by Cleveland. They had a host of players in attendance, celebrating the greatest 75 ballers of all time. It was a great Sunday night, full of nostalgia and incredible moments. 

The league also replicated the picture they made during the 50th anniversary of the competition, gathering the 75 players for a big shot, creating an epic photo. Of course, not everybody could make it to the picture, but they shared a legendary one with many superstars. 

NBA fans reacted to it, showing respect to the legends, while others wondered why certain players made it to the list when others with bigger resumes were ignored. 

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These lists will always be controversial and the league knows that very well. Names like Dwight Howard, Tracy McGrady, Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson, and more were missing from this list, so it's easy to see why some fans were unhappy with some of the members. 

In 25 years, we'll celebrate the 100th anniversary of the NBA. That will be a huge milestone for the league and fans are already wondering what players from the current generation will make the cut when that incredible moment arrives. 

The NBA keeps making history. They always try to give the best product to fans and this ceremony, and everything that happened before was a great gift for all of us. Here is for 25 more years of the best basketball in the world.