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NBA Shooting Coach Says Anthony Davis Is Locked In And Training Every Day At 4:50 In The Morning

Anthony Davis

As the Los Angeles Lakers make a run for Kyrie Irving, the status of another high-profile superstar is raising questions around the association.

In the aftermath of another injury-riddled season, Anthony Davis' value as a player is being questioned by the critics, and he'll have a lot to answer for when the new season kicks off in October.

Still, there is reason to believe that AD is in for a huge comeback. On social media this week, a shooting coach posted a clip of Davis in the gym, apparently in the middle of an offseason workout. According to the coach, Davis shows up at 4:50 every morning to prepare for the upcoming season.

Anthony Davis been locked in! Training everyday at 4:50am is what it takes! After 400makes, FT’s are key! To be the best if you need to be up before the rest. More work to be done this summer! Stay locked in!

Despite having a somewhat quiet summer, Davis is catching some attention from folks around the league. If the Lakers make a move for Kyrie Irving, or someone similar, it will be up to Davis to lead the way and find his peak form.

Kevin Garnett thinks he should be aiming to win MVP in 2023.

"Bro, get lost. Go to Hawaii somewhere. When you come into camp, come in to camp better in shape than anybody and everybody," said Garnett. "That's what you should be focused on. You should go for the MVP for the 2022-23 season... It's his turn to carry the torch... AD came to the Lakers to be an MVP, to take the torch from Bron... He could be so much better than he is.. He can be MVP of the league, he should be MVP of the league at least one time."

Davis has already proven himself by leading the Lakers to a championship in 2020. Alongside LeBron James, we all know what he can do.

But Davis will have to channel a new level of his game to become the player the Lakers need him to be. With LeBron James aging and the West getting stronger by the day, AD is the key to success for the Lakeshow going forward.

Lakers fans must be happy to see him working on his game this summer.