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NBA Source On Ben Simmons Potentially Going Back To The Sixers: “You Are Never Getting The Same Player Back In Philly. Even If He Was In Uniform, You Are Not Getting Back The Same Player.”

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The Philadelphia 76ers saga with Ben Simmons gets a different turn every day, or so it seems.

Just a couple of days after reporting that the former first-overall pick had emptied his house and listed both of his residences for sale, now it seems like Daryl Morey and Rich Paul are trying to work things out.

Apparently, both parties are negotiating for Simmons to report to the team and suit up again, most likely to try and drive his trade value up:

"Sixers officials and Klutch CEO Rich Paul have progressed in talks over recent days on a resolution to bring All-Star Ben Simmons back to Philadelphia in the near future, sources tell ESPN. Discussions are ongoing.

The plan remains for the Sixers to continue canvassing the league for trades, but the possibility of Simmons reporting to the team has increased in recent days, sources tell ESPN.

The organization's hopes are unchanged: Get Simmons back into Philadelphia, onto the court and ultimately convince him that it's still the place for the long-term," reported Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Nonetheless, even if that's the case, Sixers insider Keith Pompey reported that league sources believe that Simmons won't ever be truly committed to the organization and that he's not going to be the same:

“You are never getting the same player back in Philly,” a league source told Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer. “You definitely are not getting him back in uniform. Even if he was in uniform, you are not getting back the same player.”

Having an unmotivated player could be even worse for a locker room and team morale than not having him around at all. So, maybe this will be far from what both parties intend.

At the end of the day, it seems like not even Simmons' environment is sure about what's going to happen with him or where he's going to play next season.