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NBA Superstars LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard Work Out Together

Kawhi works out with Durant and LeBron

I’m still annoyed that Kawhi didn’t end up with LeBron in LA. Kawhi by himself was destroying the Warriors in the 2017 Playoffs when he was with the Spurs until Zaza (I will never get over this) Pachulia came along.

This can still happen though as Kawhi will be a free agent next summer, and his recent actions have only added fuel to this purple and gold fire. Kawhi was brought up in California and we know he wanted to play closer to home. It will be very interesting to see what Toronto do to try and keep The Klaw in the Great White North.

He is the best two-way player in the league and him with a playmaker like LeBron would have been a real threat to Golden State. LeBron would be free to focus mainly on offense; creating shots for his teammates and scoring at the rim. Kawhi would be the primary defender and playoff LeBron on offense. Leonard has become a great shooter and LeBron would create so much space for him to shoot or create his own shots.

He recently worked out with LeBron James and also Kevin Durant at UCLA. LeBron knows he needs help to challenge the Warriors so there’s no way he didn’t say anything to Kawhi when they were together. We have no evidence of this but it would foolish of James to not try convincing Kawhi to come join him at the Staples Center.

LA fans, start praying now.