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NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat Could Be The Next Destination For John Wall

John Wall Miami Heat NBA Rumors

The Washington Wizards came into the 2018/2019 season with high hopes and certain expectations with the Eastern Conference looking quite weak compared to the West. So after a disappointing start to the season, the Wizards have picked up some negative media attention after winning just four of their first thirteen matches.

It’s still only early but this start has brought up the idea of considering trading their five times All-Star guard, John Wall.

Wall has played his entire career with the Wizards and has been the shining light throughout his time at the club. Although now at the age of 28, Wall has had a slight decrease in performance and even though he can still do his role, it doesn’t look as if the Wizards are getting everything they paid for with the guard.

Next season, John Wall’s salary will be increased to $170 million through til 2023, it’s a great deal of money to be spending on someone whose form has recently been continually on and off.

It may make sense for the Wizards to trade Wall out before next season, However, the issue would be finding a new home for him that are able to afford it financially. The Miami Heat are potentially the best suitor for John Wall according to Jeremy Woo of Sports Illustrated.

“Granted, the money will make any negotiations complex. If there is a Wall suitor that makes sense, it’s the Miami Heat, who need an injection of star talent, and are financially saddled entering next summer’s potentially starry free agency period. Stuck with Hassan Whiteside and Tyler Johnson through 2020, the Heat are in a position to take a risk and inject some energy into a roster replete with tough players, but lacking in ceiling. It was a poorly-kept secret that the Heat were part of the preseason sweepstakes for Jimmy Butler, which ended over the weekend as the Timberwolves dealt him to the 76ers. That move served to beef up an established Eastern Conference hierarchy that includes neither Miami nor Washington—a Wall trade between the two teams would be more about shaping plans for the future.”

Either way, it will be a bold move for the Heat to go after Wall, especially considering the ongoing issue about his partying behavior that could become an issue again in Miami. However, it may be just the right thing for Wall, a fresh start after playing for the one club for almost a decade and a new opportunity for the Heat to grow after going through some stagnant years in the post LeBron era.

A possible trade involving Wall will be difficult financially no matter which sides are involved but the Heat are in the best position to take on the 28-year-old All-Star. If the Wizards were to trade Wall out, they won’t exactly be bringing in any extremely high-end talent but they will be freeing up salary cap space and setting themselves up for a brighter future than worrying about going deep in the postseason.

What Miami Heat can offer for John Wall? Pat Riley will try to save Josh Richardson, but the only fair offer could be the future 1st Round pick, Goran Dragic, Bam Adebayo and Justise Winslow.

With six of the next seven games in Washington, John Wall has a chance to respond with helping to get the wins on the board and resurrecting the Wizards season.