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NBA Trainer Believes LeBron James Is The GOAT: "Probably The Greatest Player In My Opinion"

NBA Trainer Believes LeBron James Is The GOAT: "Probably The Greatest Player In My Opinion"

LeBron James has earned a lot of accolades on the NBA court over his nearly 20-year career in the NBA. The 4-time champion has won every award he could except Defensive Player of the Year, an award he believes he should have won in 2013. Regardless, James has established himself as an all-time great and arguably, a top-2 player of all-time.

People usually debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron when it comes to discussing the greatest NBA player of all time. Legendary NBA trainer Chris Brickley has weighed in on the discussion and taken the side of LeBron, explaining why he thinks LBJ is the GOAT after working out with the Lakers forward. 

"When I first started working out with LeBron, first thing I did - I went to Synergy, broke down his game, looked at all the analytics and found out the strengths and weaknesses of his game... For me, to see probably the greatest player in my opinion, to be able to find something that he's not amazing at, and then see what he thinks about it and that we're both on the same page, that's dope."

Has LeBron Done Enough To Be The GOAT?

When it comes to the GOAT conversation in the NBA, people are usually split between Jordan and LeBron. MJ had the greatest prime in basketball, as he had a 6-year run where nobody could beat him in the Playoffs. His 6-0 Finals record looks incredibly impressive as a stat and many believe that record, along with Jordan being a more volume scorer and a better defender than LeBron makes him the GOAT.

However, LeBron has defied aging throughout his NBA career, setting an example for every young player on how to have a long prime. LeBron has been one of the best players in the league for the last 18 years, longer than the entirety of Jordan's NBA career. His physical frame makes him unstoppable and he has been dominating the game for longer than a lot of NBA fans have even been alive.

They can both be the GOAT depending on what aspect someone wants to focus on. Brickley picked LeBron, but that doesn't mean either answer is incorrect.