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NBA Trainer On Russell Westbrook's Fiery Playstyle: "He's The One Guy That Gives No Fu*ks..."

Russell Westbrook

When the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook in July, it was hailed as a brilliant and profitable move by fans.

Despite his obvious shortcomings both offensively and defensively, Russ is a guy who can make an immediate impact on the team as a ball-handler, finisher, and playmaker for the team.

Of course, his most valuable quality on the court may be his relentless attitude and dedication to the game.

In a chat on "All The Smoke" podcast, basketball trainer Chris Brickley talked a bit about Westbrook's approach to the game, and how electric it is to be around.  

“Russell Westbrook was one guy that he gives no fu*ks like doesn’t matter who is in front of him every time he’s been to a BlackOps he’s going to destroy you.

He’s not going to talk to you. He’s going to be talking shit like and you know I love, I love that Russell BlackOps energy it’s fun."

Former Suns superstar Charles Barkley said something similar very recently:

"If you don’t respect and admire Russell Westbrook there’s something wrong with you. I’ve never seen a player give maximum effort every single night like him. Even Jordan didn’t play as hard as Russell Westbrook does. And Michael is the greatest of all time. But this guy gives maximum effort every single play every single night.”

Westbrook has been described as wild, erratic, and often out of control. It's no secret that he plays with such intensity that it can, at times,s be to his detriment.

But, no matter what happens on that court, Westbrook can always be counted on for giving maximum effort.

This season, the hope is that Russ will be able to bring that fiery nature to a Lakers team desperately in need of some life. At the very least, win or lose, they can count on Russ to bring that passion and energy every single night.