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NBA Twitter Clowns LeBron James After He Air-Balls A Free Throw

(via @@jackfrank_jjf)

(via @@jackfrank_jjf)

LeBron James is the NBA's biggest star, which also means he gets held to the highest possible standard. While he usually has no problem living up to that standard, he can occasionally fall short -- and it can be pretty messy when he does.

For anyone else, air-balling a free throw is an embarrassing but short-lived moment. For LeBron James, air-balling at the line means enduring an entire night of memes and jokes, which is exactly what happened on Friday night.

Needless to say, Twitter was not kind to "the King."

Free-throw shooting has never been one of LeBron's best attributes and it has been a subject his biggest critics have long used as evidence against him. Tonight, LeBron gave them a little more ammo.

Fortunately, he's got four Championships to show for his efforts -- which is more than can be said for most in the business.