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NBA Twitter Goes Crazy With Anthony Edward's Vicious Dunk Over Robert Covington

Credit: Minnesota Timberwolves

Credit: Minnesota Timberwolves

Anthony Edwards has shown his dunking talents once again and he did it in a great way. After posting a dunk of the year candidate over Raptors player Yuta Watanabe, he did the same over veteran Portland Trail Blazer Robert Covington, almost breaking social media after his impressive play.

Edwards showed his handles, jumping skills, and how violently he throws the ball in the basket in a single play, enchanting everybody that saw the play. He had a terrific game against the Blazers in a game that ended with a 114-112 win for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

NBA fans were just excited to see the Ant-Man doing his thing and they took to Twitter to share their best reactions to another candidate to take the unofficial DOY award.

Although LaMelo Ball is considered the clear favorite to win the 2021 ROY, Edwards has demonstrated he can do big things in the association. He's not part of a competitive team but is showing that he can contribute to the T-Wolves' success a couple of years from now.

He's looking better and better every day and is demonstrating he is a rookie but isn't afraid of anything. In fact, people should be afraid of getting posterized by him every time he drives to the basket.