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NBA Twitter Goes Wild After Jazz Blow 3-1 Series Lead Vs Nuggets

(via ABC)

(via ABC)

Coming into the NBA postseason, nobody knew what to expect from the Jazz vs Nuggets series. As two teams with depth, star power, and great coaching, they're probably the two most evenly matched opponents of the playoffs thus far.

With games 1-6 featuring blowouts and crazy 50-point performances from the team's top stars, tonight's epic Game 7 was highly anticipated and, by the time it ended, became the story of the night.

The Nuggets took an early lead that was later squandered by the Jazz in the second half. In the closing minutes, a crazy sequence of events took place that ultimately saw the Nuggets walk away with the game (and series) in an 80-78 victory.

It marks the first time a team has come back to win a series down 3-1 since the Cleveland Cavaliers back in the 2016 Finals. It's a great day for Denver, who will live to fight another day.

For the Jazz, it must sting knowing how close they were, and Twitter made sure to let them have it...

Changes could be in store for Utah, especially considering their collapse in Games 5, 6, and 7. As for the Nuggets, we'll see soon enough how they fare in their next matchup against the Clippers.

Either way, credit to both teams for giving us a fantastic, well-fought, and downright entertaining series. Though we don't know what's in store for either of these clubs going forward, their future is undoubtedly bright.