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NBA Twitter Hilariously Reacts To Masked Kawhi Leonard

NBA Twitter Hilariously Reacts To Masked Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard is just one of those guys that's funny without even trying to be.

Whether it's his demeanor, his bluntness, or his cyborg-like personality, the Clippers star has become a fan-favorite among the NBA community.

So when Leonard was forced to wear a full face mask in Wednesday's game against the Blazers, it was yet another opportunity for the Twitter-verse to make all kinds of jokes and memes -- and they didn't waste it.

Here are some of the best reactions to "face mask" Kawhi we saw on Twitter today:

There's just something about Kawhi in a facemask that seems so right. Whatever it is, fans just can't get enough.

For the Clippers, their concern is making sure their star stays healthy and safe for the season and their eventual battle in the playoffs. So, for now, having Kawhi wear that mask is the best thing they can do.

But we'll see how things shape up for them moving forward.