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NBA Video Analyst Warns Lonzo Could Get Injured If He Changes His Shooting Form


If Lonzo's known for anything besides his crazy family, it's got to be his wacky, awkward shooting form. Coming into the NBA, it was the most concerning aspect of his game.

A year and a half later, the sideways shot is still mostly the same, and it's causing about as much trouble as people predicted. He's averaging just nine points on 40% shooting and 32.7% from three. At the free-throw line, he's only averaging about 1.1 attempts per game on a 43.7% success rate.

Lonzo needs to make serious adjustments. Unfortunately for Lonzo and the Lakers, even a change in form can have its consequences, said one NBA analyst to Bleacher Report's Eric Pincus.

“He’s been shooting like that for his whole life. If he starts trying to significantly change his form, it’ll probably lead to an injury.”

Despite the risk, it might be a necessary step for Lonzo. So far this season, the Lakers have struggled to maintain relevancy while LeBron has been out. Lonzo's inefficiency on the offensive end, besides a couple good games, is a big part of that.

Come playoff time, assuming they even make it, that flaw will only be exploited even more.

Something has got to give for Lonzo. Either he has got to start knocking down his shots or he will have to change his form. Putting apparent risks aside, the Lakers are going to need him to start hitting his shots if they want to come close to reaching their expectations this season.