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NBA Won't Test For Recreational Drugs When The Season Resumes

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The NBA is set to return next July 31 and we'll see a different league than the one we left last March 12. Several safety measures will take place throughout the two months the season will last, but the league will be more flexible with some rules that have been controversial for quite some time now.

Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that the league will not test players for recreational drugs while in Orlando. The league initially suspended its drug testing policy right after the season entered hiatus amid the coronavirus outbreak, but that won't be changing when the 22 teams land in Orlando next month.

The league will keep testing players for performance-enhancing drugs while at the Disney World Resorts, though, but using recreational drugs won't have a punishment. On Friday, the NBA Players Association told players they would undergo routine drug testing via blood tests while in Orlando.

The picture is looking clearer for the NBA and the players. After months of speculation regarding the 2019/20 season, things are falling into place for the league to resume action with several changes, including the players not being tested for recreational drugs.

They need to keep everybody safe in their Disney World bubble and will focus on testing PEDs only. That is the league's priority when the season resumes.