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NBC Sports Philadelphia Calls Joel Embiid ‘The King Of Chicago’: “10-0 In His Career Vs. Bulls"

NBC Sports Philadelphia Calls Joel Embiid ‘The King Of Chicago’: “10-0 In His Career vs. Bulls"

In the 2021-22 NBA season, the competition to become the best team in the conference is at an all-time high in the East. There are several amazing teams and all of them are only a couple of games here and there from becoming the top seed.

Two such teams, namely: The Chicago Bulls and the Philadelphia 76ers faced off against one another recently. It was a great matchup and at the end of the regulation time, the 76ers were the winners.

Following the victory, they improved their record to 32-21 and hold the 5th seed in the conference. In the fixture, fans witnessed an amazing duel between Joel Embiid and DeMar DeRozan.

Over the entire season, the two players have done pretty well for their teams. While DeRozan might be a tad bit underrated in some eyes, Embiid is one of the frontrunners to win the 2022 MVP award. In fact, after the win, Joel even lauded DeRozan for his amazing performance.

Moreover, in the win against the Bulls, he certainly played like an MVP as he registered 40 points and 12 rebounds in 32 minutes of playing time. Apart from helping the 76ers get closer to the 4th seed, this win also completed a personal milestone for Embiid.

This victory marked the 10th time that Embiid won against the Bulls in his career. Additionally, he has never lost a game against them so it makes him 10-0. Upon realizing this, NBC Sports Philadelphia took a hilarious jab at the Bulls.

"Joel Embiid has fared quite well against the Bulls."

In the tweet, fans can see his record vs. the Bulls. Apart from that, NBC Sports Philadelphia has also labeled the 76ers center the 'King of Chicago.'

Now, if you're a Bulls fan, that's going to sting. Apart from that, considering Embiid's amazing record against the Bulls, fans will hope that the two sides don't face off against one another come playoff time.