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Nets Absolutely Troll Knicks With Spike Lee Photo

(via Twitter/BrooklynNets)

(via Twitter/BrooklynNets)

The New York found themselves the source of yet another scandal on Monday night. Their long-time fan Spike Lee was nearly forced out of the arena when he supposedly used the wrong entrance into the stadium.

For him to not receive so much as a call regarding the new entry policy seems wrong, especially for a guy that's been a fan for over 20 years.

All over social media, people are flaming and roasting the Knicks for their incomprehensible ways. Their inter-city rival even took part, posting a picture with Spike Lee and Kevin Durant shaking hands after all of this heat went down.

(via  Twitter/Nets)

(via Twitter/Nets)

Spike has promised the world that he's done with the Knicks, at least for this season. And for a guy who has spent almost $10 million on the team, he has very clearly had enough.

The Knickerbockers have been a dysfunctional mess for years, and it has mostly to do with poor front-office management and the toxic leadership of team owner James Dolan. Through it all, Spike Lee has supported and rooted for them, going to games, wearing their gear, and giving them his money.

Recently, however, the Nets have been the talk of the town, and it seems they are intent on stealing the spotlight away from the Orange and Blue.

Αs for Spike Lee, we all know he won't abandon his fandom -- but the Nets are showing how to do right by the man.