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Nets Fans Flooded Twitter With "Trade Kyrie" Messages Following Nets Loss To Cavs

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

The Brooklyn Nets finally got to see their newly-formed Big 3 of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden in action and even though they had a good game, they couldn't get past the Cleveland Cavaliers and Collin Sexton, who cooked them with 42 points (20 in overtime) to give the Cavs a huge win.

That game marked the return of Kyrie Irving to the lineup and after his first game with Harden and Durant, Nets fans weren't happy with the point guard. It was only a game but that was enough for them to decide they don't want to see Kyrie with the team any longer. Following the 145-137 loss to Cleveland, Nets fans took to Twitter to ask the team to trade Kyrie, making "trade kyrie" trending on social media.

Again, it was only a match and people have already started asking for Kyrie's trade. Earlier this week, Matt Barnes dropped this idea, saying the Nets could get some players to build around Kevin Durant and James Harden instead of having a Big 3 with Kyrie and all his controversies.

Well, now fans are jumping on that train and they want the team to get rid of a player they signed last year to lead their project. Only time will tell how this is going to happen but nobody is happy with Kyrie right now, although he's ready to help his team win a championship.