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Nets GM Sean Marks On The Future Of DeAndre Jordan: "I Think With All Of Our Guys There’s Always Discussions."

Nets GM Sean Marks On The Future Of DeAndre Jordan- "I Think With All Of Our Guys There’s Always Discussions."

The trio of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden is, perhaps, the best in the NBA. Together, the three make up an offense that is practically unstoppable.

But they've also got a number of very important role players, and that includes veteran big man, DeAndre Jordan.

Despite only averaging about 21 minutes per game last season, his relationship with the stars makes him practically untradeable.

According to team GM Sean Marks, however, Jordan's future with the franchise is still very much up in the air.

“I think with all of our guys there’s always discussions,” the Nets general manager said when asked about Jordan, via Brian Lewis of the New York Post. “And whether that’s reported or whether it’s not reported, I don’t want to use the old cliché but it’s a credit to our players that they come up in conversations or talks.

When you have a good team, a good roster, people are obviously going to make calls. And from a GM standpoint, if we’re not having calls around the league then none of us would be doing our job. That’s what we do. Whether the roster looks the same in a month or two I really don’t know. But as it stands now, DeAndre is certainly part of this roster, part of this team moving forward.”

In 2021, the Nets limped into the Eastern Semi-Finals on the back of Kevin Durant, who was absolutely amazing in the playoffs. The team eventually got eliminated by the eventual Champions, ending a very tough season for the franchise.

And while Brooklyn has not made a ton of big moves in the offseason, it is everyone's expectation that they will be among the last ones fighting for a title in 2022.

DJ's place and role in that pursuit remain a mystery for now, just like so many other things, but the Nets have to wonder if sending him off is even a good idea at all.

With close ties to the Big Three and a whole lot to offer defensively, he might just be a long-term member of the roster.