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Never-Before-Seen Photo Shows Michael Jordan Dunking In The Badlands Of South Dakota

(via NBA Buzz)

(via NBA Buzz)

Michael Jordan may have retired from basketball over 20 years ago, but his name and legacy have carried on to become one of the most legendary in sports history.

By now, nobody is expecting to see anything new from MJ from his days on the court. But, in a Tweet by No. 23's first-born Jeffrey, a never-before-seen photo of the legend was revealed for all the world to see.

While some details remain unconfirmed, fans have since unearthed some context on the origins of the picture, which has been traced back to a 1996 Gatorade commercial following his return to the game after his first retirement.

South Dakota is known for being a rather barren state, with a total population of just 885,000 people. The ridiculousness of watching Jordan play ball out there is an ode to his dedication to the game, which is the point of the commercial.

Up until now, it's a video that has been lost to time -- and one the community is glad to have re-discovered, as it's a true treasure.