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New Details Emerge About The Dwight Howard Abuse Scandal


Late last night, the world was exposed to a story of misconduct, abuse, and sexuality by Dwight Howard via a claim by an individual named Masin Elije.

As things like this usually go, it went viral online, generating all sorts of buzz, concerns, and memes on the internet.

The story starts with Dwight and Elije meeting an MTV’s “Wild’N Out” filming. The claim progresses, until the two had a falling out, which lead to a wave of harassment, threats, and apparent stalking that made Elije fear for her life. In a series of tweets, she explains the situation and why she decided to go public.

Thing is, this is nothing we haven’t seen from her before. Elije is coincidentally the same person who accused rapper Playboi Carti of being gay last year, to which there was never enough evidence to prove either side right or wrong. The DMs and audio messages she provided then (and then sent to Carti’s girlfriend) turned out to fake the whole time.

So as the world continues to investigate, let’s remember that there’s simply not enough evidence to prove any of these claims are true and that the accuser has falsely “exposed” someone before. At the same time, we can’t necessarily say they’re completely false either.

Best we can do is follow the story and hold off on judgment/proclamation until more information comes to light, if it even comes at all.