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New Details Emerge In The Ongoing The Kawhi Leonard Drama


In a matter of months, the situation between the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard have gotten well past the point of no return.

Now, with training camp on the horizon and no immediate deals looming, nobody knows what's next for the franchise or their disgruntled star. It seems that talks have stalled with the teams appear on the hunt for Kawhi Leonard, and it's likely due to the Spurs' absurdly high asking price.

Nevertheless, according to Fox Sports' Chris Carter, Pop made it very clear to Kawhi that the team would try its best to honor his wishes.

It's already been reported that Kawhi and Pop have met throughout the course of the summer. Now whether that was more than just once is unclear but by Carter's account, it's only a matter of time before a trade gets done, and despite reports claiming San Antonio would only deal Kawhi to the East, Pop and the Spurs front-office will try and give the star what he wants... so long as the team gets the best pieces in the process.

Additional information has also been released regarding the nature of the Kawhi/Spurs relationship, and this bit details just how dramatic things got between the two of them,

Here's Michael C. Wright on ESPN's Back To BackPodcast, explaining what happened on March 7th, when Kawhi told the team he was coming back "soon":

A week before that, Kawhi told those guys he was going to be back for that game.

And that didn’t happen. And that was the second or third time they had been told something like that and then it didn’t happen. So, they were frustrated.

Kawhi and his people were saying Kawhi is going to be back for this game. That doesn’t happen. He’ll be back for this game. And he’s telling the players, he’s telling R.C. and Pop this is when he’s going to be back. And every time, it was just sort of, ah, nope, pump fake that. And that’s what was happening, so they were getting frustrated about, too.

And that’s why you have the team meeting where they want to know like, “Hey dude. You said you were coming back this time. You said you were coming back this time. When are you coming back?” That’s what that was about.

It seems that Kawhi was, whether purposely or not, misleading the team to some degree last season. And when the team tried to figure out what was happening in a team meeting, the situation only worsened.

No doubt, there's got to be more to this story that caused Kawhi and his camp to behave so strangely towards the Spurs organization.

And only when all those details finally emerge will we be able to solve the mystery once and for all.