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New Footage Has Proven Kobe Not Flinching At Matt Barnes' Ball Fake Was A Lie


Prepare to have your day ruined, even if you're not that much of a Kobe Bryant fan.

Almost every NBA fan has seen the video of the Black Mamba seeming unfazed back in 2010 when Matt Barnes faked throwing the ball right into his face in a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic. The moment solidified Kobe's 'Black Mamba' persona towards the back end of his career, as it was now general consensus Kobe wasn't afraid of anything, even if human nature intended him to be.

But new footage has emerged from an alternate angle showing Kobe wasn't actually as close to the ball as once thought.

The alternate angle shows that when Kobe was swaying left to right, like he was in the original footage, he sways to the left as Barnes fakes the ball, meaning the ball went to the right of Kobe, not straight in front of his face. So for the past nine years, we've all been living a lie, believing that Kobe was some inhuman person incapable of flinching. Don't worry though, all is not lost, as Kobe was asked about the new-found footage, and stuck to his guns, stating that even though the ball was further away than once though, he still didn't flinch regardless.