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New Footage Reveals Derrick Rose Preparing For The New Season

(via @catfishandthebigboi)

(via @catfishandthebigboi)

It's been a tough road for former NBA MVP Derrick Rose. After suffering a slew of injuries over the past five years, the 30-year-old guard has yet to find his footing in the league.

His tenure in Minnesota offered a bit of glimpse of what he could be -- but what are we to expect now?

In Detroit, will we continue to get a bruised and battered player, or will he finally return to a semblance of All-Star form?

If this video of evidence is a sign of things to come, perhaps we should be inclined to think the latter.

Rose is trying to learn better control of his body. His landings and movements have attributed to many of his injuries in the past. More than that, if he can strengthen his body, it will be easier for him to score against smaller guards.

To put things more simply, he is working on the right things, and this season in Detroit will be the ultimate test. The team will be fighting for the postseason as Rose attempts to lead the second-unit to efficiency and dominance.