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New Orleans Pelicans Twitter Account Trolls Lakers And Clippers After Making The Playoffs: "No More Parties In LA"

New Orleans Pelicans Twitter Account Troll Lakers And Clippers After Making The Playoffs: "No More Parties In LA"

The New Orleans Pelicans shocked the world on Friday night after eliminating the Los Angeles Clippers from playoffs contention, playing an incredible game that saw them take and overcome big gaps against the Californians, that looked like favorites to take this match. 

Willie Green had a good night, making the right adjustments and delivering a big speech that sparked the comeback that placed the Pelicans in the 2022 NBA postseason. Brandon Ingram also stepped up and dropped 30 points on the Clips, grabbing six rebounds and dishing six assists. 

Everybody on the team had a blast after the match, and their Twitter official account wasn't the exception. This season, the Pelicans stole the 9th seed from the Los Angeles Lakers and yesterday eliminated the Clippers. They felt good to troll both teams, and for some moments, their Twitter bio explained what they did to the city of Los Angeles. Tom Ziller found out that the Pelicans had a curious bio and didn't hesitate to share it with the world.

"No more parties in LA," they wrote after beating the Los Angeles Clippers 105-101. 

Even though many people would say they are making a big deal for just a playoffs appearance, they worked hard to be where they are right now, making a big comeback after a 1-12 start to the season. 

The Pelicans worked quietly, made some good moves during the season, and now are a playoffs team. Brandon Ingram, CJ McCollum and co. are an interesting group of players. Nobody expects them to beat the Phoenix Suns, but they have a lot to win and nothing to lose. 

This is one of the best stories of the season, and they hope to keep adding chapters in the playoffs.