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New Video Footage Shows Full View Of Steph Curry's Crash


In case you somehow missed it, Steph Curry got into a car crash over the weekend, and it went viral online. Everybody was okay, and Steph was in good spirits, so it all ended pretty well considering just how dangerous it really was.

In a newly released footage of the incident, we get to see the most intense angle of what happened.

(via TMZ Sports)

We see in the video that Curry had no way of avoiding the silver car in front of him. It's unknown what caused the car to randomly veer off to the side like that but fortunately, both sides are healthy and okay.

It's honestly kind of crazy nothing worse happened, as the speed, weather, and busyness of the highway could have created for some deadly conditions.

Looks like the victims here got a little lucky. And for Steph, we're happy to hear it won't be affecting his recovery. He looks to be in good health and nearing a return following a nine-game absence with a groin injury.

No doubt, we're all thankful for an injury-free wreck and are looking forward to seeing the two-time MVP back on the court very soon.